lost in paradise

“Lost In Paradise” is a project Lek has recently completed. The project is focusing on rural workers who have left their region of origin to work and live in Bangkok, existing in a no man’s land of peri-urban settlements where, paradoxically, nature is beginning to reassert its authority. Through these images Lek aims to present an allegory for modern Thailand: the country as a whole, like these workers, left its past of agriculture behind in search of a better life, but now finds itself trapped between this lost history and a better future which seems to remain just out of reach.

“Lost In Paradise” was produced with the support of the Quai Branly museum in Paris. Lek was one of the three selected photographers for the 2012 photography grant. The series will be displayed at the museum in October 2013. 15 of the 22 images from this series will be added to the museum’s photography collection.


images from this series