flowing through the wreckage of despair

“Flowing Through The Wreckage of Despair” was created in 2011 during the worst flood in 50 years of Thailand’s history.

In the past, people in Thailand used to live harmonically with water in wooden houses raised on stilts in waterside communities. We travelled mainly by boat along the network of canals and rivers. Today, we rely on cars and buses as the main transportation. We live in high buildings and ground-level houses with all the modern conveniences. Through the decades, we have destroyed the water network by building roads, modern houses and condominiums over canals and rivers. The country’s unorganised development has had an immense impact on land and water use. It obstructs the flow of the water downstream, eventually creating conurbations exposed to the increasing risk of flooding. In earlier times, floods were an annual occurrence and we made preparations to minimise the damage from the floods. We accepted it as a part of our life, but today our perception is different. We see it as a threat or an enemy. An enemy we will never be able to defeat.


images from this series